Merit Calculation

How your score is calculated for Merit List.


Now I will tell you that how your score is calculated for Merit List for Admission in particular Subject in PG Course in University Campus or Govt. /Private Colleges.


As you know that the final Merit Score is calculated by the 75% weightage of Graduation Marks and 25% weightage of Entrance Marks.


Let’s calculate:-

Suppose a Student secured 1352 marks out of 1650 in Graduation and he apply for Mathematics Subject in PG.

Now the marks of particular subject i.e. Mathematics in Part 1st, 2nd and 3rd year is also added in his Graduation Marks.

Suppose he secured   144 Marks in Mathematics out of 150 in First Year, 136/150 in 2nd Year and 143/150 in 3rd year in Graduation.

So the total marks in Mathematics subject in Graduation for all 3 years is:-

Year Marks secured Maximum Marks
Part 1st 144 150
Part 2nd 136 150
Part 3rd 143 150
Total 423 450


So he secured 423/450 Marks in Mathematics in Graduation.


Now the Graduation Marks are 1352/1650 and Mathematics Marks is 423/450.


 So we add both Marks i.e.

1352+423 = 1775 out of 1650+450= 2100.

I.e. 1775/2100

Now the Percentage of the Marks is (1775 X 100)/2100 = 84.52%.


As we now that 75% weightage is given to Graduation Marks.

Now let’s find the weightage by calculating the 75% of 84.52 (%age of graduation and mathematics)

i.e. (75X84.52)/100 = 63.39

So the Graduation weightage score is 63.39.


Now let’s calculate Entrance Test Weightage.

Suppose he secured 94 Marks out of 150 in Entrance Test.

The Percentage of Entrance Test is (94 X 100)/150 = 62.666%

As we now that 25% weightage is given to Entrance Test Marks.

Now let’s find the weightage by calculating the 25% of 62.666 (%age of Entrance Test)

i.e. (25X62.666)/100 = 15.666

So the Entrance Test Weightage score is 15.666



Now Final Score for Merit List is calculating the addition of Graduation Weightage Score and Entrance Test Weightage Score:-

I.e. 63.39+15.666= 79.0566

Finally the Final Score for Merit List is



For MCA: only Graduation Marks is counted.

For M.Com/ B.Lib/ Law: Marks obtained at U.G level of Part-I, II and III examinations (General, 10 + 2 + 3 pattern) put Together, or in an examination recognized Equivalent thereto.  1800 Marks.

For M.Lib.I.Sc: Aggregate marks obtained at the B.Lib.I.Sc. examination 800 marks.

For M.Ed: Marks obtained at the B.Ed. examination: Theory= 80% Pratice of Teaching 20%

For M.Sc. Home Science: Aggregate marks obtained in the B.Sc. Home Science examination/ B. A (with elective Home Science subject).  3000 Marks.

PG Diploma Programme: Marks obtained in the qualifying examination.

UG Programme:  Marks obtained in the 10+2 Examinations