About B.Ed

1.Course The course for the Degree of Bachelor of Education shall extend over a period of two academic years, having four semesters. This course is designed variously under theory lectures / Methodology lessons /school internship or field work (different components) / Reflective Journal

1.2 Mode of Admission The admission to B.Ed course(two years) shall be made on Entrance Test/Merit basis.

1.3 Intake Capacity There shall be the intake of a basic unit of 50 students with a maximum of two units per year. The Unit intake capacity for B.Ed (two year) will be 100 candidates for 1st semester.

1.4 Time of Admission Admission to the said course shall start on July 1 and shall be completed by July 31 every year. 1.5 Semesters & Vacations The terms and vacations for the course shall be as under :-

First semester - August 01 to December 24 (Including Exam Days)

Inter Semester Break -Dec 25 to 5th Jan. (next Year)

Second Semester - January 06 to June 15(Including Exam Days)

Inter Semester Break-June 16 to July 31

IIIrd Semester- August 01 to Dec 24th of the academic year
Winter break - December 25 to January 5

IV Semester- Jan 06 to June 16 of the academic year

1.6 Theory & Practice Duration A total of 200 working hours are to be academically fulfilled with 36 hrs class per week. A total of 20 weeks internship cum teaching Practice is to be achieved (spread over two years) having 4 weeks in the First year of the program and 16 weeks in the second year. The 4 weeks internship is to be in two semesters having 2 weeks internship in each semester of the first year whereas the 16 weeks is to be spread over third and Fourth semester of the 2nd Year of the B.Ed program.

The Semester examination for the two year Degree of Bachelor of Education shall be held in December for Ist,3rd Semester & in June for IInd & IVth semester at Jammu and other places as may be fixed by the Vice-Chancellor.

Admission in the II, III and IV Semester courses in B.Ed Two year semester program in operation shall be made on the prescribed forms to be filled up by every student seeking continuation of admission to the next semester.

i) Admission for the II & IV semesters shall be completed by the Principal concerned within 15 days from the date of termination of the I/III semester examination. However, admission in the 3rd Semester of B.Ed shall be subject to having passed at least 50% of the courses of the Ist Semester, appearance in at least in the two courses of the IInd Semester and having secured minimum of D grade in the Internals and must have completed the Internship of the Ist & IInd Semesters.

ii) Provided that a late fee as per the notification issued from time to time shall be paid by each student seeking admission after the last prescribed date, up to 3 days maximum delay and thereafter no admission for continued enrolment shall be made.

Notwithstanding anything contained above the Vice-Chancellor shall be competent to alter the above schedule of continued enrolment.

The Examination is a continuous process and the formative and summative techniques would be used to complete the process of examinations. The Semester End or the term end examination would be held in the following components

a. Theory Papers
b. Teaching Practice cum Internship.

5.I Theory examination.
The Theory comprises of the Core subjects and the Content cum Methodology papers irrespective of the weight age of the credits for it. The theory examination will be held as per the University Date-sheet at the designated centers and students need to write the examination as per rules and regulations of the University. The Unit-IV in all the theory subjects deal with the sessional work which is to be a part of internship. The Sessional work shall constitute the content for theory examination as well as for the internship. But for the theory examination. the entire sessional work is also to figure for the written theoretical examination. Candidates will require a minimal of 40% marks for passing the theory examination.

5.II Internship cum Teaching Practice Examination
It is continuous assessment of the student teacher performance in the classroom and outside the classrooms. In the school internship, 4 weeks are to be devoted to school based related activities and 16 weeks are to be devoted to practice teaching and the other activities of the school like all the routine work of the full teacher . The trainees are expected to work as full time teachers during this period. The internship taken up in schools would be fully recorded in the form of Reflective Journal (RJ). The Reflective Journal is to be a compendium of all the activities of the student teacher which he/she would perform/enact in the classroom in the practicing school/on a field trip/performing any community service etc.

In case of the non sufficient time in completing the internship , the internship activities including the teaching practice may be taken up in the Inter semester break. RJ is to be properly recorded and preserved by the student teacher.

All the activities performed need to be authenticated by the Principal and the Teacher In charge of the Group/ individual student. All the activities performed during the Internship program from Semester 1 to Semester IV would be documented in the Reflective Journal. The Activities which can’t be documented in writing must be photographed through timed videography (CD/DVD evidence to be appended).On the proper completion and its authentication by the concerned College Faculty, the External Examiners cum Observers would undertake the external evaluation of the students submitted by the University for the award of the Grades. All the activities performed under internship need to evaluated and awarded with marks which would be converted into Grades as per the formula charted out at 16. Besides, other activities of the internship, the following activities are must & can’t be excluded from the schedule of the activities to be performed for Internship by the concerned Academic Coordination Committee (ACC) of the College.

The following activities besides to other activities are must in the component of the Internship.
i. Differential Function of the school system.
ii. System of Managing the classrooms by another teacher( if the teacher is on leave ).
iii. System of Managing Internal & External Evaluation.
iv. System of maintain School records and Registers ( in physical form or in the computer).
v. System of Managing curriculum activities.

A candidate shall be eligible for the conferment of the Degree of B.Ed. only if he/she has earned the required credits for the programme prescribed.

The successful candidates shall be classified as under:-

80 to - A+(Excellent)
75 to 80 A(Very Good)
68 to 75 B+(Good)
60 to 68 B(Above Average)
50 to 60 C(Average)
40 to 50 D(Pass)
36 to 40 E
20 to 36 F

Those who gain A+ -D Grades are considered successful whereas the below D(i.e. E) is to be considered fail or Dropped for the Different Components
i) Core /Foundational Courses
ii) Methods Cum Content Courses
iii) Internship & Projects

B.Ed Statues

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B.Ed Syllabus

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