Jatinder Singh (Jyoti)

 Hello, Myself  Jatinder Singh, nickname   Jyoti,  born on March 04, Unmarried & living in Kathua.



Studied    Post Graduation in Computer Application (MCA) in 2007-10 from University of Jammu, besides this  I also studied  Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA), PGDBM, B.ED from University of Jammu.

Currently  I am working as a Lecturer  in Computer Science in Bhagat Kabir College of Education, Kathua.

As a Teacher , i am always trying to help students at any level. 

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As a person, i think, i am sensitive, yet self-contained. Yes, At times, i find it hard to hide my emotions, though, in general I have a good control over the way, and I carry myself.

Another aspect of my personality is that, i am a very creative person. I think, creativity is the key to any problem / situation. One has to think creatively in order to break down a problem into the smaller and more manageable components.

Moreover, I am a friendly, sociable person. Everyone who knows me can attest to that. I am hardly ever in a bad mood that would take me to the point of being rude or inconsiderate to someone else. Just about everyone I meet I am able to get along with. I am never disrespectful to my elders or people of authority. I try to greet everyone I meet with a smile. I believe that one bad impression can mess up a reputation that may have taken a lifetime to gain.

Ultimately, I have condemned myself to be a success. Words of faith are the only thing that keeps me steadily walking along my path to success. That is why I engraved it upon my soul to be a success. My motto is that success is my only option failure is not. With this motto and my strong spirit I cannot and will not be stopped or even postponed from achieving the best. My spirit is my strongest quality and it cannot be destroyed by anyone.